Perfect Pour Flask

The Perfect Pour Flask, Measured Spirits Decanter, is a flask constantly pushing the technological boundaries of liquor dispensation. 

Just one year ago, had the question been posed, “Can I pour a confident ounce from this flask alone?” the answer would surely have been an accusation of mental instability and the offer of a strait jacket. 

Fortunately, for the perturbed dreamer that asked that question we now have the Perfect Pour Flask, Measured Spirits Decanter; the flask of a better future, where the measure of a good drink comes from the accuracy of the pour.

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Perfect Pour Flask


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The Idea...
The idea came to us on a pleasant winter afternoon in one of our favorite drinking destinations, Bandera, Texas.  An old man in a cowboy hat and dirty brush jacket limped into the very establishment we had chosen to patronize that sunny Sunday.  As we sat kicking ourselves for being ill-prepared and liquorless in the old saloon which happened to be BYOL (Bring Your Own Liquor), the cowboy reached into his coat and pulled out the most beautiful sight our bleary eyes had ever seen.

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Perfect Pour FlaskWhere's yours?
You can keep a Perfect Pour at all times in your instrument case, your coat pocket, your dorm room, your trunk, your laptop case, your boot, your girlfriend's house, each of your friend's houses, your parent’s house, your favorite Theme Park locker, every cooler you own, under the car seat of the girl that you need an excuse to talk to, every room of your house, buried at strategic locations across your city, at the train station, bus station, riverboat dock, loading dock, and everywhere else in between.

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