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Uses for the Perfect Pour Flask...

Golf Bag - When you’re BYOB-ing out on the course to avoid those above-par liquor prices, make sure that you have the tools required to mix a perfectly proportioned libation without the hassle of cumbersome measuring glasses and liquor bottlesOur discreet product has revolutionized the way we stick it to those overpriced Golf Clubs while (most importantly) maintaining our buzz.
Hunting Excursions - So, it's cold, it's quiet, you're bored, and obviously thirsty, but you don't want to scare away what could be the monster buck you've been waiting your whole life for.  With our easily stowed and retrieved “quiet plastic design” hunters only need to worry about one thing: is it that wonderful hard liquor aroma attracting those Boone & Crockies or is it just the doe piss that you've covered yourself in? Say goodbye to that trademark beer can KA-CHEESH that you've so desperately tried to silence for all those years and make it a “Perfect Shot, Perfect Pour” kind of hunt.

Tubing - As if this one needs an explanation, we’ll go ahead and state the obvious.  NO ONE WANTS TO GO TUBING WITHOUT BOOZE!!!  In the past, unfortunately, beer has been the preferred beverage of the avid tuber, but we here at Perfect Pour have uncovered the means to make on-the-water liquor accidents a thing of the past.  Our bottle is plastic, durable, water-proof, and most notably, every bottle sports a very stylish Perfect Pour reservoir built right in.  So go ahead, steal yourself a sip off the bottle...we promise you won't spill.

Home Bar - If you're anything like us, then having a home bar has been the central driving force behind a career.  Once that dream is realized, we want our drinks and we want them fast.  We don't want to do a bunch of dishes or wash glasses -- these are chores that keep us from enjoying our bar.  Fortunately, we have devised a brilliant solution... The Perfect Pour Flask.  We combine both container and measuring glass in what will someday be called the most revolutionary breakthrough in liquor delivery since the 1.75L Old Crow bottle switched to plastic, effectively halting death-by-broken-bottle stabbings.  So get one for your counter-top and make life a little easier for Numero Uno.

BYOL Bars (BYOL = Bring your own Liquor) - We've all been to these establishments, and though it may break the unprepared man's heart and set him on an unfortunate course towards a sober and surly night, it can actually be quite a pleasant treat for those equipped to deal with the situation.  Let us paint a picture for you… Imagine a situation in which you have liquor but the bar does not have shot glasses, nor would they have the know-how to use them if they did.  Not to worry: The Perfect Pour has a shot glass built right into the flask!!  Who needs a drink??  Make it a Double you say??  You now have the power to pour that double with absolute confidence thanks to the Perfect Pour Flask!!!  What should you do with all of this confidence??  The answer, my friend, is anything you want to...

The uses are endless and we will leave it to you to impress us with your creativity.  We will always be updating the "Uses" section of this page with humorous submissions from our Perfect Pour consumers so don't be a stranger!!! [submt your own story here]


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You can keep a Perfect Pour at all times in your instrument case, your coat pocket, your dorm room, your trunk, your laptop case, your boot, your girlfriend's house, each of your friend's houses, your parent’s house, your favorite Theme Park locker, every cooler you own, under the car seat of the girl that you need an excuse to talk to, every room of your house, buried at strategic locations across your city, at the train station, bus station, riverboat dock, loading dock, and everywhere else in between.

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